"The Hidden Valley"

Tsum Valley- 20 days

In the Ganesh Himal's lap.

Walking through this isolated valley transmits a lot of peace and at the same time  getting the sense of spirituality and knowledge of an ancient culture.

The route begins the same as the Manaslu trekking, but during the third day we deviate towards a beautiful and remote valley located under the Ganesh Himal mountain range 7,140m. From there we enter a world of ancestral tradition and Buddhist rituals that have been maintained over time, thanks to the isolation that this area has experienced. It was only in 2008 that they opened the trekking route to tourism.

We will cross beautiful forests and beautiful traditional villages with their ancient temples and gumpas.

We can go up to the base camp of the Ganesh Himal 4,200m, from where we have wonderful views of Manaslu 8,153m, Ganesh Himal 7,140m, Shringi Himal, Himalchuli 7,893m, Boudha Himal and more …

An incredible and remote place where time has stood still.

You can add your route with the Manaslu trek, extending your trip for one more week …

Of course, we will visit Kathmandu and its monuments declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Casi no hay riesgo de sufrir mal de altura, ya que el ascenso va a ser muy progresivo y con tiempo suficiente para aclimatar. Las jornadas de trekking suelen ser de unas 5 horas y caminas de 10 a 15Km/día, aunque hay días más duros que otros.

2,700 € / 2*

20 days



To go


* Indicative price for two people (varies depending on the season, number of people, extra activities, etc …) Ask us for a quote, it’s free.

The Tsum Valley is located in the Manaslu area which opened the trekking route to tourism in 2008, and still maintains its unique culture as it did centuries ago. This is largely due to the fact that it is a pilgrimage area for Buddhist culture and also because it is a fairly isolated area, hidden behind the Ganesh Himal mountain range. It can only be entered through a narrow canyon and on the other side it has the border with Tibet through two hills of more than 5,000 m (historical trade routes of the yak caravans).

The local population is mainly of Tibetan origin and speak a unique dialect. They are hospitable and humble, and have lived harmoniously with the environment  with very strict rules regarding the influence of the human being on nature.

They even went on to write these rules that were passed by the Nepalese government in 1972:
Don’t kill animals, don’t hunt, don’t collect honey, don’t sell animals to butchers, don’t cage animals, don’t trade meat, and don’t burn forests. Of course you can’t fish either.
It is believed that because of this there is an amazing abundance of wildlife, compared to other areas of Nepal. Apart from the typical yaks that graze on large plains, we can also see large flocks of blue sheep, horses, Thar (Himalayan goat), monkeys and various birds.

La ruta transcurre básicamente siguiendo el cauce del río Shear, que se origina en los glaciares del Ganesh Himal y Sringi Himal, y sube atravesando bosques de rododendros y preciosos pueblos rodeados de campos de cultivos. Conforme caminamos encontraremos muchos monasterios y gompas realmente antiguas, pero que no están descuidadas en absoluto. La tradición religiosa está fuertemente arraigada y en los monasterios viven monjes todo el año y hacen pujas y rituales de forma cotidiana a petición de la gente o cuando hay celebraciones…

Tienen varios festivales, bailes de máscaras y rituales durante todo el año en el valle de Tsum preservando así sus prácticas centenarias. Incluso en estos días, algunas familias practican la poliandria (o tener más de un esposo a la vez).

Podemos subir al campo base del Ganesh Himal (4.200m), desde donde veremos el Manaslu (8.153m ), Ganesh Himal (7.140m), Shringi Himal, Himalchuli (7.893m), Boudha Himal y más… Aunque las vistas son igualmente bellas durante todo el recorrido.

Tsum Valley es un paraje remoto por donde no ha pasado el tiempo.

One of those magical corners of Nepal that remains as it was centuries ago and lets you feel the excitement of being an explorer ...

Do not miss it!

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