Our first-hand experience is available to help you plan even the smallest detail of your trip. Ask us and we will solve any doubt you have.


We can prepare your trip from start to finish, or help you with specifics.

We understand that today everyone has their own way of traveling. There are those who like to have everything planned before leaving the house, and there are those who like to be a little more dyanmic, improvising on the go. You may have a few days of vacation, or you may have 5 months to travel. Maybe you are interested in mountains and sports, or maybe Buddhism and meditation…

Be that as it may, we will adapt to your needs when organizing your trip. You only have to contact us and explain what you like, on what dates you want to travel, how many of you are travelling etc… Anything you need to know you just have to ask us, all without any obligation. We do not charge for advice, only for contracted services and activities.

We give you information about prices, visas, luggage, vaccinations, transportation, accommodation, guides, altitude sickness, and anything else you may need to know… You can also look at the section on Frequently Asked Questions, where we try to solve most of the common doubts that arise when you start planning your trip.

Nepal is a country where many unforeseen things can happen (which makes it an adventure not to be missed). Even if your trip is very well organized, there may be situations that require an itinerary or an activity to be varied. These situations may be, for example, a political strike where transport is paralyzed for a couple of days, storms that prevent a passage or that force the closure of a road temporarily, that there is an accident and that internal flights are delayed, activities are paralyzed during some major religious holiday, or the boycott of gasoline supply from India that occurred in 2015 for example… in any of these cases we will always find fabulous alternatives. If something goes wrong we will change the plan, but not the end result.

If you contract the trip with us you will not have to worry about accommodation, food, transport, guides or permits during the trek, since everything will be included in the price.
And on days when you are sightseeing in the city we offer accommodation with breakfast included, since for lunch and dinner you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment venues of your liking.


We will help you find what best suits your taste and your budget.

In Nepal, as in any other vacation spot, there are different types of accommodation with very varied prices. We will help you find what best suits your tastes and your budget.

In Kathmandu (the capital) most hotels are located in the tourist district of Thamel, along with many shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. But if you are going to spend more than a day in the city you can also find very beautiful places in quieter neighborhoods around Swayambunath, Baktaphur, Boudanath …

In Pokhara the entire tourist area of ​​hotels and leisure is located on Lake Side, next to the wonderful Lake Pewa.

There are functional hotels, perfect to spend a comfortable night. There are luxury hotels with large garden terraces and beautiful decorations. There are youth hostel type hotels where many backpackers gather to share experiences and play the guitar. There are home stay apartments, where you have your room but share life with the local family. Explain what you need and we will give you some options to choose from.

During mountain trekking the hostels are usually more modest. Most are like mountain huts but with rooms with 2 or 3 beds, common toilets and a dining room where hikers of different nationalities gather to share their experiences of the journey. As you go higher, the price of the stay and the food increases, due to the difficulty of transporting the supplies.


We can help you hire the most convenient and cost effective transportation.

Flight at origin: In principle we do not deal with the plane from the country of origin, because we understand that today everyone prefers to search for their flights directly using online search engines. So if there are any problems of cancellations, delays or changes of ticket, you will have direct attention with your airline so they can solve any problems.

Arrival at the airport: If you need, we will send a taxi with a person who will accompany you to your hotel and help you change money or anything you need during your first hours in Kathmandu. We understand that it is a somewhat chaotic city and we want to make it easy for you.

Visiting Kathmandú: At first Kathmandu can be quite an intense city. To get from one place to another, the locals move with tuc tuc, tempos, rickshaw or minivans, all of them crowded with people and with no way of knowing where they are going unless you ask people. If you have time it can even be exotic and fun, but if you have a day to see many things it may be better to go by taxi or rent a private vehicle with a driver.

Inland Transportation: For trips to the trekking areas or any other activity we can get your local bus ticket or manage private transportation, such as an SUV or a minibus. Going by local bus can be a unique and surprising experience, but you should know that it will stop to pick up everyone and sometimes it can get very crowded. If you rent a private vehicle in a group, it will go directly to the destination and they will only stop when you need to.

Internal flights: We can get you a ticket for any internal flight to Pokhara, Lukla, Jomson, Tumblingtar, Paphlu, etc…

Motorcycle or bicycle rental: To move around the city freely and make small excursions, there is nothing better than the motorcycle or the bike, but you have to be brave and have the ability to face the traffic of Kathmandu. If you don’t regularly ride a motorcycle, I don’t suggest you do it here.

In Pokhara it is calmer and you can enjoy bike rides and discover the surroundings on a motorcycle without problem.

You can get any transport ticket yourself from the hotel, or from any agency in the neighborhood where you stay, or directly by going to the corresponding station and buying your ticket there. But if you wish, we will manage all your trips to make everything easier for you.                                                                                   

Guides and porters

We will work directly with local people, and whenever possible with women. 

Los/las guías normalmente hablarán inglés y han pasado un examen que les acredita para esta función, pero los/las porteadores solo hablan su propio idioma, ya que muchos no han tenido posibilidad de estudiar.

Los porteadores no llevarán más de 20 KG.

En el caso de necesitar un guía que hable idiomas (aparte del inglés) siempre será un poco más caro, ya que es más difícil de encontrar.

Todos los guías y porteadores incluyen en su precio un seguro que les cubra cualquier eventualidad.

The guides will normally speak English and have passed an exam that accredits them for this function, but the porters only speak their own language, since many have not had the possibility to study.

Porters will not carry more than 20 KG.

In the case of needing a guide that speaks languages ​​(other than English) it will always be a little more expensive, since it is more difficult to find.

All guides and porters include in the price their own insurance.

We work directly with local people, and whenever possible with women.

Many times local people are left out of the tourist circuit of agencies and hotels, so working with them is an active way to help these humbler classes, in addition to knowing them and having complete confidence in their abilities…

Why women?

Nepal is a country where the woman is totally dependent on her husband. In rural and mountain areas even more so, since they only have the possibility of working at home or in the field and these are unpaid jobs.

Despite the fact that in the new Constitution of Nepal (approved in 2015) many of the discriminatory practices for women were abolished, the reality is that the tradition continues to impose itself despite the current legality.

Women do not have the possibility of inheriting land when their parents die, they do not even have the right to family housing when the husband dies, they cannot have any property, everything always passes into the hands of siblings or male children.

Many young girls from humble families are forced from a very young age to work in the homes of wealthy families or in the fields, without being able to leave the circle of poverty, waiting to get married to go to serve in the home of their husband’s family.
They are strong and well adapted to the mountains, and if they really want it, they deserve a chance in this sector.

At Mendo Family we want to contribute to giving women the opportunity to manage their economy and to have some chance of making their lives independent. They have the right to freely choose their future.

General logistics

Permits, insurance, currency, food... we can help you with whatever you require on your trip.

Permits to enter the natural parks and other documents- For most treks in Nepal you will need to get some permits that will be required at various places during the route. We can take care of that, we just need a passport photocopy, another of the insurance papers and some passport photos.
You can do it yourself at the tourist office, but you can take advantage of that time for other more interesting things …

Special permits are required to access peaks over 6,000m- It is more complicated since they do not give it to you at the tourist office, but you must obtain it directly from the government’s tourism department or the NMA (Nepal Mountaneering Association). And these type of permits can only be obtained through a local agency and therefore requires negotiating with them … If you want more information on this topic you can check the section Frequent Asked Questions.

Food during the trekking- Normally in the guest houses they have a menu with prices that you can choose from and they add up in a notebook anything you ask for that you will have to pay along with the price of the room at the time of leaving. In the event that everything has been to your liking you can offer a tip.
Another possibility is to have all the meals included in the price. Drinks such as alcohol, soft drinks or snacks must be paid separately, as well as tips.
If you are interested in knowing more about the gastronomy of Nepal you can check the section Frequently Asked Questions.

In case of family vacations or yoga retreats the food in the house will be included in the price (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Normally it will be a vegetarian menu where traditional food from the Himalayan villages predominates, but we can change it at the request of the client.
Currency exchange- When you arrive at the airport you can change currency, but we do not recommend changing much…, since the exchange is much better in the offices that you will find around your hotel.
If you need it we will accompany you to change currency and if you need some small change when leaving the airport we can change it ourselves without problem.