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Mendo Family was born as a family project, with the genuine intention that our clients not only enjoy the incredible landscapes of Nepal, but that they can also experience the true hospitality of the Sherpa people and learn about our Tibetan culture and traditions. In this way the experience is enriched and a beautiful connection is created between people from very different worlds.

We are from Langtang, a Sherpa town in the foothills of the Himalayas. We have been in the mountains all our lives, but we have grown up amongst tourists who stayed in our guest house and with whom we have shared a lot of our family life. We have kept in touch with many of them and from their own words I know that, although the first motivation of the trip was the mountains, but the lasting memories when they are back at home is family life and the bonds that were created.

We are a family business from Nepal, but we manage everything from Spain.

Each person lives the experience in their own way, so each trip is personal and different. Our priority when organising a trip is to listen to the client and adapt to their expectations.

With this idea in mind we have created Mendo Family Live Nepal, to share our own slice of Nepalese life with tourists and also actively support the local people and economy.

Tour Guide and manager


Tour Guide and manager


I was born in Nepal in 1991 and I am the oldest of 7 siblings. I grew up in Langtang, surrounded by animals and great mountains. Thanks to our Home Stay we have had a lot of contact with tourists from all over the world. With many of them I continue to maintain contact today.

At the age of 8, and thanks to a German couple who decided to sponsor me, I was able to go to Kathmandu to study.

As soon as I finished my studies I started to work in a travel agency and later in a hotel. I spent 3 years dealing with tourists and helping them with anything they needed.

In 2011 in Langtang I met who would be my husband, and a year later we went together to Spain, where in addition to learning Spanish I was able to study Tourism. I currently work as a receptionist at a large hotel on the Costa del Sol, where I continue to deal with tourists every day.

During these last years I have organized many trips to Nepal for a different groups from all over the world, both volunteers and treks, and they have all come back saying wonderful things.

In 2015 I created an association, Langtang Disaster Relief Fund, to help the survivors of Langtang after an earthquake that devastated the entire town. Today we have changed that association into an NGO called Mendo Family Foundation, based in Nepal we continue helping the most needy people in the area, especially the elderly.

Now I have started with my family the project of this caring travel agency called Mendo Family Live Nepal. We are looking forward to reach more and more restless people who want to enjoy the hospitality and traditional Buddhist culture that my grandparents brought from Tibet.

Come to know a different world in the mountains.



I was born in Barcelona in 1976. I am an illustrator and have spent the last 15 years working in advertising. It’s a pretty stressful profession, so at one point I felt the need to take a breather. I have always liked the mountains, so when in 2010 someone told me about Nepal I thought it was the perfect opportunity and I did not think twice.

I spent almost 5 months touring Nepal. I walked a lot of amazing places and every day I felt better physically and mentally. Getting out of your daily routines clears the mind and triggers the imagination. But what really made me feel good was when I managed to connect with local families and they opened up to calmly chat about their real lives, forgetting that I was a tourist and that this was a business. This did not happen many times, but I felt that connection again when I met Pasang and her family in Langtang.

It was an incredible trip, very intense, full of contrasts that made me think a lot, and in a way I think that that first great trip changed my life priorities.

Since then I have returned to Nepal many times, and I feel that now is the time for other people to live similar experiences in a very close and real way through Mendo Family Live Nepal. The idea is to bring you closer to the Nepal where Pasang lived and that you meet those endearing people with whom she shared her childhood and who, for the most part, continue to live in the same traditional way.

It is a luxury that you cannot miss.



Our Team - Our family

To carry out this activity we count at all times on my family in Nepal other very close contacts with whom I have total confidence and they possess great experience in the mountains. I cannot imagine anyone better to accompany you on this adventure and who are capable of making you feel part of the Mendo Family.

Mountain guide and Yoga Teacher


Mountain guide and Yoga Teacher


Hi, I’m Choenyi. I was born in Langtang, a small town in the mountains. 
I have always been a country girl, I took care of the animals, I helped my parents in the garden and I took care of my siblings.. Thanks to some sponsors I was able to study in Kathmandu, learn English and learn about life in the city.
But I really feel at home when I return to the mountains, that’s why I have taken the mountain guide course and am qualified and experienced to accompany tourists anywhere in Nepal.
A while ago I discovered yoga and I have become passionate… Whenever I am in Kathmandu I go to class and practice every day at home. I have discovered that it is a perfect complement for me and that is why I encourage everyone to try this joint experience of yoga and trekking in the mountains.

Do you dare?

Mountain guide and Home Manager


Mountain guide and Home Manager


My parents came from Tibet and settled in the Langtang Valley, where they created their villages and crops among beautiful mountains. We have always lived quite isolated, with our own language and Buddhist traditions … 
One day tourists began to arrive and we welcomed them into our homes. Little by little we began to work as guides and porters on their expeditions, since nobody knows these mountains better than us.
During all these years I have created bonds of friendship with tourists from all over the world, and whenever they come back I feel very happy to be able to walk with them again. I feel that apart from being your guide we share a little of our lives and learn from each other. Thanks to them, our seven children have been able to study in the city and prepare for a future different from ours, and it makes me happy to see that they always return to Langtang when they have free time and respect the traditions of the Sherpa people.
The 2015 earthquake was a hard blow to us, but in 2018 we managed to rebuild our house and named it Mendo Family Guest House, in honor of my wife Tshering Mendo.

You are always welcome!

Local guides and porters

We work directly with local people, and whenever possible with women.

Many times local people are left out of the tourist circuit of agencies and hotels, so working with them is a way to actively help these humbler people, in addition to knowing them and having complete confidence in their abilities and in their good work … 

Why women?

Nepal is a country where the woman is totally dependent on her husband. In rural and mountain areas even more, since they only have the possibility to work at home or in the field and these are unpaid jobs.
Despite the fact that the new Constitution of Nepal (adopted in 2015) abolished many of the discriminatory practices against women, the reality is that the tradition is still imposed on the existing law.
Women have no possibility of inheriting land when their parents die, not even have the right to family housing when the husband dies, can not have any property, everything always passes to the hands of brothers or sons.

Many young girls from humble families are forced from a very young age to work in the homes of rich families or in the fields, unable to break out of the cycle of poverty, waiting to get married to go and serve in the house of their husband’s family.

They are strong and well adapted to the mountains, and if they really want it, they deserve a chance in this sector.

From Mendo Family we want to contribute to the women having the opportunity to manage their economy and having some chance to make their life independent in case they need it. They have the right to freely choose their future.




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