Paragliding in Nepal

If you have ever thought about flying, this is the place. 

In Nepal there is a great tradition of paragliding. Many professionals come to do stunts over the wonderful Lake Pewa in Pokhara (Nepal’s second city).
Flying over the lake gives you security so that you can fearlessly enjoy the spectacular views of the Annapurna Mountains and the green fields and forests that surround the city.

The tandem paragliding flight is suitable for almost anybody, from children to the elderly. They pick you up from your hotel, take you to Sarangkot (a nearby hill from where takeoffs take place), and after a brief introduction you are already flying over the colorful city. At the end they pick you up from the landing area to take you back to Pokhara (although if you want to walk back, it is a very nice half hour bordering the lake). Everything is very simple and well organised, to make sure you have a beautiful experience.

If you are going to spend a season in Pokhara it may be the ideal time to learn to paraglide. The prices of flights and classes are much cheaper than in Europe, and with the easy access to the take-off area and the proximity of the landing area you can do several classes every day without problem. The first classes are carried out with a larger paraglider approved to fly two people at the same time, in this case, a passenger and an instructor with extensive experience. Following the pilot’s instructions and without realizing it, you will be flying alone.

Try to look at the horizon while you fly, since if you look down or through a camera you can get dizzy.

The sensation of paragliding is very smooth and pleasant, without engine noise … Once you have tried it , you will keep coming back for more!

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