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Hello, I am Pasang and I am from Nepal, specifically from a Himalayan village called Langtang. I have always enjoyed being an ambassador for my country and if anyone asks me I enjoy explaining the wonders of my people and my country.
Sometimes I am contacted by people who are going to travel to Nepal and they have many doubts that I can solve, and finally I end up organizing the whole trip for them! It makes me very happy to be able to help, but always taking into account all the specifications and personal motivations that each person transmits to me.

It is clear that the greatest attraction of Nepal are its mountains, but there are many other factors that make travelers to this part of the world. Many people are attracted to everything related to Buddhism, meditation, yoga and everything that has to do with well-being and the search for inner peace that seems to be so difficult to find in the modern world. But there are also those who simply want to travel and discover different places and cultures.

So far I have helped organize trips for individuals, for volunteers and even NGOs, who wanted to help and did not know where to start… Everyone has returned home very happy and satisfied with the experiences. I feel a great joy when someone explains to me with emotion what they have lived during their trip and that they would love to come back in the future. And above all, it fills my heart when there is a real rapprochement between the travelers and the local people, and that first contact lasts in time.
Just that has happened to me with many of the visitors who have passed through my family’s HomeStay in Langtang over the years, and to this day I am still in touch and lucky enough to be able to call them friends. From their own words I know that, although the main motivation for the trip was the mountains, in the end what they remember most when they are back home is the family togetherness and the bonds created. 
This magic already happened when my mother was there, as she had a special charm and made everyone feel good just by smiling. There were travelers who would stay one day and finally stay three weeks. And those who have ever known my father no longer want to travel with anyone else… So since I was a little girl I have understood how important hospitality and close and sincere treatment of the visitor is.

It is very difficult for this close interaction to occur in the tourist circuits, since travelers only spend one day in each place and the hotel managers see many different tourists pass by every day… The appropriate conditions do not really exist.
In addition, most families in these circuits already live exclusively from tourism and have left aside their traditional work in the fields or with the animals. Even if the tourist had the time and motivation to share with the local people, it is difficult for them to transmit the authenticity of life in the mountains when they no longer live like this… While those who continue to live in a traditional way are often left out of the tourist circuit.
The business is concentrated in the agencies of Kathmandu and in the big hotels; it does not usually reach the humble people who really need it.

With all these premises ahead we have decided to create our travel agency to Nepal.

Mendo Family was born as a family project, with the sincere intention that our clients not only enjoy the incredible landscapes of Nepal, but also live the hospitality of the Sherpa people and get to know our culture and Tibetan traditions.

We understand that each trip is personal and different, since each traveler is unique and lives the experience in his or her own way. For this reason we propose two types of trips:

1-Live Langtang:

In this section you will find trips where, besides trekking and the big mountains, you will also have the possibility of interacting and living with local families of Buddhist tradition in the area of Langtang Natural Park.

2-Classical Routes:

In this section you will find trips focused on the great trekking routes, to enjoy without limit walking under the skirt of the biggest mountains of the planet.

But above all let us know your ideas, they are our priority to create your tailor-made trip.


Another premise at Mendo Family is to help the most humble local families by working directly with them.
During the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Langtang was devastated by an avalanche of ice and rocks. Many people disappeared and the survivors were left totally helpless, with no future. At that moment we created Langtang Disaster Relief Fund, an association to help my people recover from the disaster. There were many people from all over the world who helped us in many different ways and thanks to that Langtang is back on its feet and the survivors are getting their lives back.
From here we think that the most worthy way to continue helping development without creating a lot of dependencies is to directly offer work. Work that allows them to grow, to give education to their children, to take care of their elders, to fix their houses or to buy animals… In short, to help them live better, but in a way that respects their traditional way of doing things, helping them to feel proud of their lifestyle and not to lose their identity trying to adapt to tourism. An exchange where tourists can learn important things to take home, and where the locals also learn valuable things from the visitors.

With this specific purpose we have created the section “Vive Langtang”, where all the trips make a lot of emphasis on the interaction with the locals, on activities to get to know their daily life, on living with families, on the knowledge of the Tibetan/Buddhist culture and the traditions of the mountain people. We believe that the trip is enriched by going deeper into what you are experiencing, understanding better what is happening around you.


Langtang is my home and I know everyone. That gives me the confidence and the possibility to offer a more personal type of travel. The closeness to the local people is an invaluable asset that we can put at your disposal.
With nothing to envy to other great routes of the Himalayas in terms of beauty, Langtang is a very affordable route that can be done quietly, without covering great distances daily. In a shorter time you can enjoy the same experiences as in another trekking that needs many more days and physical effort. All this makes it an ideal route to do with the family, with children or the elderly. Each one has its own rhythm and it doesn’t matter if you arrive a day before or a day after…, the important thing is to enjoy the road and the experience.

We work directly with local people, and whenever possible with women.

Nepal is a country where the woman is totally dependent on her husband. In rural and mountain areas even more, since they only have the possibility to work at home or in the field and these are unpaid jobs.
Despite the fact that the new Constitution of Nepal (adopted in 2015) abolished many of the discriminatory practices against women, the reality is that the tradition is still imposed on the existing law.
Women have no possibility of inheriting land when their parents die, not even have the right to family housing when the husband dies, can not have any property, everything always passes to the hands of brothers or sons.

Many young girls from humble families are forced from a very young age to work in the homes of rich families or in the fields, unable to break out of the cycle of poverty, waiting to get married to go and serve in the house of their husband’s family.

They are strong and well adapted to the mountains, and if they really want it, they deserve a chance in this sector.

From Mendo Family we want to contribute to the women having the opportunity to manage their economy and having some chance to make their life independent in case they need it. They have the right to freely choose their future.


  • We are a family business from Nepal, but we manage everything from Spain.
  • Our priority is to listen to the client and adapt to their expectations and interests.
  • These are trips where the benefits fall directly on the local families, favoring their development.
  • Possibility of close and real coexistence with the local people.

I am happy that I could share this experience with you and I am sure you will like it very much.

get to know us…

And start your trip!

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2 thoughts on “Mendo Family Live Nepal”

  1. Thank you for organising our 2 week trip in the Annapurnas with your sister Choenyi, a fully qualified guide with perfect English.

    We will visit Nepal again soon and trek to your home town Lantang.

    Nepal is a trekkers paradise and the Mendo family can organise it all, from family treks to demanding climbs.

    In my case, a piece of my heart got left in Nepal and will remain there.

    I wish you the best with this beautiful proyect. My very best regards to all the family, I hope the pandemic will soon be over and we can meet again.

    • Thank you so much Carlos
      It was get experience to trek with you and all team..
      It was my pleasure to guide you all and every moments we had together were so so memorable and will forever stay in my heart.
      Will be more than happy to welcome you and all team in Langtang


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