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Since the 2015 earthquake that destroyed Langtang, my father has been storing stone and wood for 3 years in order to rebuild the family home. We put all the money we could save in that time to buy all the materials, transport them from Kathmandu in trucks and then with helicopters, donkeys and porters to Kyangin Gumpa (3,870m), and then also pay the workers their salary, stay and food during the months of construction. We will get bored with the details, but building a house in the mountains 3 days away from the nearest road is a feat. Just to build the foundation and the pillars of the main structure requires an impressive load of cement sacks and metal bars.

In this picture you can see the cabin where I lived until I was 8 years old with my parents and 6 brothers/sisters.

Our idea was to build a 2-storey house with 6 rooms to be able to welcome tourists and also to welcome my 6 brothers when they come up to the village. But so far we have only been able to build the second floor with 4 spacious rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom, and upstairs we have built a temporary wooden dining room which also serves as a room for yoga. We hope that in the near future we will be able to finish the work and that visitors will be able to enjoy Mendo Family HomeStay 100%.

It should be noted that the house inside has all the comforts of a western house, all lined with plywood to insulate well from the cold during the harsh winters of Langtang. But the exterior still maintains the structure and ornamentation of the old houses of the area made of stone and wood with Tibetan prints. We respect the tradition but we do not renounce the advances in terms of insulation from the cold, shower, use of solar energy, comfort, etc.
The views from the terrace/dining room are spectacular. Kyangin Gumpa is the last village in the Langtang area, and is situated on a dreamlike plain surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains up to 7,000 meters high, glaciers, lakes and whitewater rivers. This area was the first area of the Himalayas designated as a National Park in 1971.

Langtang means land of yaks, and we will really have them always close by, along with horses, goats and other domestic animals that graze in the surrounding area. In the forest areas we will also be able to see white-faced langur monkeys and an infinite number of different birds. If you are lucky you may also see the red panda or the Himalayan bear, although they usually hide quite well.

Mendo Family HomeStay is the perfect setting for family outings and many fun activities for the kids. You can also enjoy the wonderful Nepali cuisine at the hands of Nima Tamang, the person who manages everything in the house and who will also act as your guide if you need it.

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A great opportunity to enjoy the friendliness of the Sherpa people in an environment of great natural beauty.

The ideal alternative for those who want to enjoy a precious life experience with their children or with the elderly.

Especially recommended for yoga and healthy food lovers, in the heart of the Himalayas.

An unforgettable trip, where guys will enjoy the bustling Kathmandu and the snowy peaks of Langtang.

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