Luciano Guariento

I met Pasang and her family, now reunited in the initiative of Mendo family travel agency, after the tragic earthquake of 2015, which devastated the Langtang valley bringing mourning to their family. Over the next 5 years we have collaborated in projects to support people, to rebuild buildings and work activities.

Without their commitment, knowledge, authority and esteem by the people of Langtang, it would never have been possible to carry out these interventions to support and revive life in Langtang.

I can say that I have had a precious gift from life to have been able to live what they have offered me.
We have climbed together three times in Langtang, and in all these journeys I have been able to truly approach a world of relationships and discoveries that I otherwise could not have had.

In Nepal I have been traveling alone since 1988, and it has never been possible for me to get closer to life in the villages, to real encounters with people. With their closeness and organization, I spent important weeks with experiences that have become part of my most important experiences.

The choice of relying on the small lodges of the inhabitants of the valley allows you to get closer to those who were born in Langtang and have always lived. Through the organization of this travel agency I am sure that Mendo Family will be able to offer important life experiences to all those who wish to experience, as well as the beauties of Langtang, important encounters, opening to people a world of life otherwise unapproachable and precisely for this wonderful .

Bolzano, Italy

Guariento Luciano, of  Nepal Reconstruction.

Thank you Luciano!

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