Yoga Retreats

Enjoy the peace of the mountains

For yoga lovers, nature and healthy food.

A perfect opportunity to practice your favourite activity in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

This trip is especially designed for lovers of yoga, nature and healthy food.
It is a 10-day retreat in Kyangin Gumpa (Langtang), at an altitude of almost 4,000m in the heart of the Himalayas. This magical place, of Buddhist tradition, will be our base camp from which we will do, in addition to yoga, many other enriching activities.

We will stay at Mendo Family Home Stay, in comfortable rooms. On the first floor there is a dining room which also serves as a room to practice yoga. It is a glazed room with a wooden floor and wonderful views of the mountains.

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15 days



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* Indicative price for two people (varies depending on the season, number of people, extra activities, etc …) Ask us for a quote, it’s free.

Coexistence with the local people and their culture.

A very positive thing about spending more than 10 days in a place like this is that you have a lot of time to interact with the local people and become familiar with their daily customs.
In the Langtang area most people have Tibetan roots and are of Buddhist tradition. It is a very rich culture and it is a privilege to be able to participate in its activities as one of the community, transforming the trip into a closer and more real experience.

Finally it is an exchange where we learn important things, and where they also learn things from us.

In the classic trekking circuits the travellers only spend one day in each place, and in the hotels they see many different tourists passing by at the end of the day… The conditions for a cultural exchange and close interaction do not really exist.

The entire trip will be 15 days and will start in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. There you will be received by Choenyi, who will be your guide as well as a yoga instructor.

Choenyi will accompany you to the hotel and later you will have the opportunity to stroll through the bustling city and visit some Buddhist and Hindu palaces and monuments declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. You will also receive your first yoga class in a specialized center.

The next day we will leave very early for Langtang. It is a 6-hour drive and then a 2-day trek along the Langtang Khola River until we reach Kyangin Gumpa (3,870m), where Nima will be waiting for us, he will ensure that you do not miss anything during your stay with us.

Mendo Family Home Stay will be our accommodation during the days that our activity in the area lasts. There we will have comfortable double rooms (although optionally we can add an extra mattress to turn it into a triple room). On the first floor there is a dining room which also serves as a room to practice yoga. It is a glazed room with a wooden floor and wonderful views of the mountains.
In front of the house there is a large green area perfect for practising yoga outside when the weather allows it.

During the trip we will do a total of 15 yoga sessions, usually one in the early morning and one in the afternoon before dinner.

During the day there will be different activities to enjoy the privileged environment that surrounds us. These can be mountain, cultural or spiritual activities. You have to cultivate your body, mind and soul.
The food will be basically vegetarian and consists mainly of rice, lentils, potatoes, pasta, local vegetables, Tibetan bread… It is really the typical food of this Sherpa people.

We will also go into the Buddhist culture of the local people and their daily life in the mountains.

Do not miss the opportunity to practice your favorite activity in this incredible natural setting.

Do not miss it!

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