Langtang in Family

A unique experience in the Himalayas

An unforgettable adventure to live with the family.

Our proposal is a family tourism, ideal for those who travel with children and elderly people.

Nepal generally focuses on 2 types of tourists. The mountaineers / trekkers who come to do high mountain sports, and those who come to do more cultural / spiritual activities, such as meditation, yoga, etc …

We offer you the opportunity to get to know Nepal in a quieter and closer way, following a relatively simple route that ascends gently for several days by the river. It is perfect for family hiking since with little effort we can reach a significant height, with a very good acclimatization.
We will pass through fields, forests, some hanging bridges and share the path with donkey caravans that bring up products to trade with the villagers. We will also cross through several Tamang and Sherpas villages, sharing their particular culture and traditions of nearby Tibet.

On the way we will stay in small mountain hostels until we reach “Mendo Family Home Stay” in Kyanjin Gumpa (3,900m altitude). This will be our residence to live a few days with the family in total comfort.

A luxury for nature lovers.

2,700 € / 2*

15 days



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* Indicative price for two people (varies depending on the season, number of people, extra activities, etc …) Ask us for a quote, it’s free.

Experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.

Upon arrival in Nepal we will get to know Kathmandu a little, but we will soon begin our journey to Langtang, which in Tibetan means “Land of Yaks” and we can promise we will see many of these furry animals. We will also see horses, goats, white-faced langur monkeys and all kinds of birds.

The idea is for the kids to have fun in a safe environment, playing with the local children and discovering how they live in the mountains.
For the older ones it will also be very stimulating to participate in the daily life of a traditional Tibetan family and to enjoy all the local activities while surrounded the whole time by rivers, forests and snow-capped mountains.

This experience is a great gift to share with children, because if from a young age they have the opportunity to travel with their parents and get to know other cultures, it is more likely that they will grow up with tolerance for others and respect for what is different, and above all that they will never be afraid of the unknown, but on the contrary, that they will be curious and very eager to continue travelling to see the world.

Aunque casi no hay riesgo de sufrir mal de altura, no recomendamos éste tipo de viajes de alta montaña con menores de 3 años, ya que en caso de que el niño tenga malestar es importante que pueda expresar con claridad lo que le ocurre.

Activities during the trip.

These are some of the activities that will make this trip a unique experience.

  • We will make day trips to spectacular sights.
  • We will be able to see how people live in this part of the world and participate in their tasks.

  • Have a picnic day and a camp night under the stars.

  • We will prepare typical Nepalese food, but also pizza, pasta, potatoes and fried eggs.
  • We will do a horseback excursion.
  • We will have fun with games and activities with local children.
  • We can visit a mountain school, so the kids can compare…

And many more things that you will discover for yourself.

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