Langtang Cultural

An unforgettable experience

Coexistence and Buddhist culture in a high mountain environment

We want to present you a different kind of trip, an alternative to the classic mountain treks.

There are curious travelers who, in addition to the mountains, are attracted to the customs and traditions of the local people. They would like to be able to interact with them and participate in their daily activities as one of the community, transforming their trip into a more personal and real experience. For this, living with local families is very important since it helps to create those bonds of friendship and trust.

The other aspect to this type of trip is that the locals will directly benefit from this situation, since they will obtain extra resources for their family finances.
It is about achieving a sustainable and respectful interaction with their culture and traditions, helping them to feel proud of their lifestyle and not lose their identity by trying to adapt to tourism…

An exchange where we learn important things, and where they also learn things from us.

With all this in mind, we have prepared a very special trip through the Langtang area, which we hope can satisfy our travellers different motivations, tastes and personal situations. In the end each person lives the experience in their own way, that is why each trip is personal and different.

An exciting life experience in Nepal.

2,700 € / 2*

15 days



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Indicative price for two people (varies depending on the season, number of people, extra activities, etc …) Ask us for a quote, it’s free.

Is there a real coexistence in tourist trips?

On classic tourist circuits travellers only spend one day in each place and in hotels they see many different tourists passing by at the end of the day…
Also, with most locals you can’t speak more than the basics in English, so any interaction is usually done through your guide who is often not even from that region and doesn’t really have the confidence or tact to talk about about more personal and interesting topics…

Another factor that limits this interaction in the tourist circuits is that most families already live exclusively from tourism and have abandoned their traditional work in the fields or with the animals. It is difficult for them to transmit the authenticity of life in the mountains if they no longer live like this… They become dependent on tourism and forget their roots.
Those who continue to live in a traditional way are usually left out of the tourist circuit. The business is concentrated in the agencies in Kathmandu and in the big hotels, and does not usually reach the humble people who really need it.

In short, when you do a trekking route in the classic circuits, the interaction with the locals is usually a cordial exchange of money for services, and you will only have a close relationship with your guide.

The conditions for cultural exchange and close interaction on tourist circuits are not really there.

Activities during the trip.

These are some of the activities that will make this trip a unique experience.

  • Living together with a family can be the ideal way to integrate into the Nepalese lifestyle, both in the mountains and in rural areas. The differences between the Buddhists in the mountains and the Hindus who live in the valleys are truly remarkable.
  • Excursions to peaks of almost 5,000 m in a day and going back to sleep the same night in a comfortable home..
  • Horseback excursion.
  • You can also spend a few days with the shepherds, adapting to their nomadic lifestyle, sleeping in their stone cabins, learning to milk the yaks.

  • Perhaps you are interested in seeing how the elderly survive in the mountains during the winter and help with their daily tasks.
  • You help to collect firewood and vegetables from the fields, collect wild fruits and plants and then prepare a typical meal.
  • Perhaps you would like to learn how to make cheese with yak milk in a mountain factory.
  • See women weaving on their looms the typical clothes they continue to wear day to day. Sometimes it seems that time has stood still.
  • Camping overnight under the stars at Langshisha (4,500m above sea level).
  • We will do some fun yoga classes to enjoy with the children.
  • We can also visit rural schools to see how they are organized and a small local NGO that focuses its activity in the area.
  • There is nothing better than participating in the festivals of a community to feel automatically integrated into it, especially when the local rice liquor is involved …

And many more things that you will discover for yourself.

Why Langtang?

I am from Langtang

My family has lived there for 200 years, my grandparents crossed from Tibet and received the name of Tamang.
I was born in Langtang and I know all of the local people. This gives me the confidence, together with my family, to prepare this trip full of experiences and offer the opportunity to get to know the culture and customs of my country and my people. As a member of the community I can also share intense personal stories of the people with whom you are going to share experiences.

It is an incredible place

This area was the first area of ​​the Himalayas designated as a National Park in 1971. It is a beautiful place, and during our route we will always be surrounded by forests, rushing rivers, glaciers and impressive mountains.
Langtang literally means land of yaks, and we will always have these animals close by, along with horses, goats and other animals. In the forest areas we can also see white-faced langur monkeys and countless different birds.

It is a less demanding route

With nothing to envy of the other great routes in the Himalayas, the Langtang route is a very achievable route that can be done without traveling long daily distances. In a shorter time you can enjoy similar experiences  to other treks that require many more days and much more physical effort.
All this makes it an ideal route to do as a family, with children or the elderly.

Direct help to the locals

I intend to help my people, and the best option is to work directly with them so they can earn extra income that allows them to develop, educate their children, take care of their elders, fix their houses or buy animals … In short, help them to live better, but in a way that respects their traditional way of doing things.

I am happy to share this experience with you and I am sure you will like it.

Langtang with Pasang

Twice a year you can come directly to me

Twice a year during my holidays I go to Nepal to see my family, and I will reserve 15 days so that anyone who wants to can come directly with me to visit Langtang.

The dates if you want to travel with me:

October: From 15th to the 30th.

February:From 13th to the 28th.

These dates work perfectly because June to August is Monsoon season in Nepal. It is usually very rainy and it is difficult to see the mountains. And in December it is very cold and it usually snows. Although everything is really beautiful during summer and winter, I think it is not the best season to go with family.

I look forward to showing you everything and getting to know my people.

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