When I went to Nepal in 2018, I was clear that it was not for tourism or mountaineering, although I practice them often. I wanted to help people who had suffered a lot in the earthquake of 2015, and feel naturally and closely their way of feeling and living.

Everything was easy. Pasang and his family materialized my ideals and intentions, with the naturalness in which a pianist reads the music score.

I asked for closeness, naturalness, to eat like them, to know their opinions, to share moments of spirituality, to access sacred places with respect… I obtained all that and more, since I knew that I was surrounded by good, awake, principled and good-hearted people.

If I go back to Nepal, I don’t know which plane it will be with, I don’t know how far I will be able to go, I don’t know what the trip will bring me, except that I will do it in the company of this family. They are great mountain guides, they are practitioners and connoisseurs of spirituality, they respect people, nature and the mountains and have long since become my friends.


Thank you Joel!

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