From Pyrenees to Himalaya

We are a team of people, made up of firefighters, doctors, physicists and teachers, who as a result of the earthquake that destroyed Langtang in 2015 and our love for the mountain, we had the need to help the people of the Valley, while contributing what we could.

This is where our story begins. Coincidentally, we met Valen and Passang who from the first minut, helped us by giving us information and support to carry out our project. They, from Catalonia and Nima and Choeny from Nepal, were the ones who guided us over the months so that our efforts reached as many people as possible.

In November 2016, we make our way to Nepal. For us, the welcome that Nima and Choeny gave us was very important. His warmth and human treatment, of confidence, made us feel at home from the first moment. In addition, his advice to buy the material, guidelines for finding transport and coordinating logistics and routes to follow to the Valley, were a great help.

We didn’t need words to see that they are people who love their land, their people and who devote a lot of effort to caring for it and moving forward.
Thanks to them we got to know Nepal from a close and human side, making the mountain routes and dealing with people, mark us and not leave any of us indifferent.

The team of “Dels Pirineus a l’Himàlaia”. 


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