Chitwan National Park

Visiting Chitwan is a good option to complete your trip with something totally different from the mountains of Nepal.

Chitwan is located in southern Nepal, on the border with India, and is a 932 km2 protected area of ​​marshes, forests and grasslands, surrounded by two tributaries of the Narayani River.
The park is habitat for rhinos, elephants, bears, crocodiles, deer, monkeys, Indian bison, antelopes, wild boars, tigers and numerous species of birds.

It is mandatory to go with a local guide. They know where sightings are most likely and will prevent us from endangering ourselves. Although in case of attack from any animal, they are only allowed to carry a stick !!

The tour of the park can be done in an SUV on a forest track, navigating the river with a canoe or walking on the trails.
You can also visit some of the simple indigenous communities of the Tharu ethnic group that live in the surrounding areas.

In Chitwan there is very special light throughout the day. The skies are incredible, especially at dawn, when the orange sun is reflected in the river. Very early sailing through these calm waters, silently observing the birds, crocodiles and animals that come to drink on the shore, gives a unique feeling of peace.

The exceptional beauty of the park, characterized by its exuberant vegetation and its natural landscape, make this small place one of the most visited in Nepal, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Of course, at night try to protect yourself from mosquitoes and during the day take care of the heat and the sun. Take advantage of the moments of rest in the observation towers and think that patience is often rewarded when observing animals.

The Natural Park is not a zoo, the animals are free in their habitat, so it can sometimes be difficult to see them clearly. They usually hide from humans and you have to be patient, follow the advice of the guides and spend a lot of time observing …

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